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About us 

Since it was established, PETALIT has been an authorised distributor of technologies and elements for the comprehensive construction of structured cabling systems LAN, MAN, cabling systems and complete solutions for constructing data centres. The representation of and cooperation with leading world manufacturers, such as COMMSCOPE, CONTEG, EATON and CABLELAY, is our guarantee of quality and access to state-of-the-art technologies and standards.

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Petalit s.r.o. was formed in 2011 as SoLo IT Solutions & Consulting CZECH, s.r.o. In 2014, it was renamed and it purchased its shares from the original Austrian owners.

Our primary emphasis is on speed and flexibility when addressing the requirements of our customers, not only in stock availability and support in preparing price calculations but also in the use of state-of-the-art technologies according to the latest standards when preparing technical documents.

With its more than  25 year experience, our team provides our business partners, designers and investors with advisory and counselling services – starting with analysing existing networks,  proposing their development and consultations on constructing new infrastructures. At the same time, we offer various types of training, seminars and presentations, including authorised certification training guaranteed by the manufacturers themselves.

Structured cabling

A functional and faultless computer network must have not only sufficient over-dimension active equipment and efficient servers but it must also be correctly designed with the right structured cabling – the basic medium for network communication.

It must be taken into account that the requirements for the computer system’s performance may increase rapidly over the next few years and the desired result cannot always be achieved by simply replacing active equipment or expanding the servers, unless the cabling can support these new system elements.  

When planning a cabling system the expected requirements over 15 to 20 years must be taken into account. This service life must be envisaged for the structured cabling. No one wants to re-install existing cabling after five years and invest not only money but also time to install new cabling to support higher applications such as Gigabit Ethernet, 10Gigabit 
Ethernet, Ethernet POE or POE+ power supply or using structured cabling for IP camera systems or new WI-FI signal distribution technologies etc. There are more and more new technologies that use data cables for communication and power supplies, intelligent lighting systems in buildings and plants, power supplies to work stations and energy-efficient Ethernet, etc. 

Therefore we provide comprehensive system solutions

not only for:

  • Data centres
  • Administrative buildings and offices
  • Plants and logistics halls
  • Industry 4.0
  • IoT Internet of Things


As well as:

  • Copper cabling systems
  • Optical cabling
  • Pre-terminated metallic and optical links
  • High Density solutions
  • Intelligent infrastructure Management  

Data distribution frames and data centre solutions

These are an important but frequently underestimated part of structured cabling. They are instrumental in the well-arranged and secure completion of the cabling infrastructure and active elements. As soon as the planning stage, the types of distribution frames and their placement in the building must be carefully selected not only to minimise the cabling or installation near  to other technologies but also for easy ventilation of the technology. 

We offer not only separate stand-up frames but also the increasingly popular open frames, particularly so that active and passive elements can be well-arranged and simply laid in closed spaces or server rooms. You can choose from basic frames to frames fully equipped with high load capacity cabling management.

No less important is our wide range of accessories including shelves and ventilation and cabling management.

Yet another area is our complete data centres solutions that need, for example, a cold aisle, cooling, an uninterruptible power supply, a wide range of PDUs from the basic types to PDUs with management or monitoring systems and DC premises access management.


Flexible or Rigid Protection for Cables     

Flexible protection for cables installed in double floors or basket trays.       

The Cablelay Mattings creates a high performance physical barrier, protecting the cables from sharp edges, protrusions, abrasive and uneven surfaces, pressure points in cable grids (basket trays), potential chemical impurities and especially water penetration. 

Cables protected from:

  • Water in double floors
  • Pressure points in basket trays
  • Sharp edges
  • Chemicals in concrete floors  

The Cablelay Matting must be installed directly on the floor. With their “closed cells”, they provide protection against rising damp and wetness in water emergencies such as broken heating pipes. The Cablelay come in different thicknesses – 6mm, 13mm or 25mm.    

Groundsheets are primarily for laying in basket trays. The 2mm, 3mm or 6mm thick groundsheets evenly distribute the weight of the cable bundles and thus preserve their transmitting properties throughout their service life.

Fire endurance of groundsheets and mats – LSOH or Class 0.



  • Immediate and easily changed cable routes according to the current needs of construction sites
  • Cable routes can be immediately extended
  • Clean and simple installation, fast cutting according to the required length
  • Wide range of mattings and Cablelay accessories
  • Easy handling, lightweight and flexible
  • Suitable for all types of cabling

Cabling accessories

We can provide a wide range of accessories for installing structured cabling. Our accessories include not only connecting tongs, cutting tools and equipment and expendable supplies for closing optical cables but also Velcro fasteners for cable bundling and labelling and identification systems of horizontal routes and Partex cables and connecting cables. 


Hardwarové řešení pro automatické monitorování portů je vhodným řešením pro menší firmy, které potřebují rychle a snadno provádět změny v počítačové síti. VisiPORT je dále snadno upgradovatelný na inteligentní management imVision.

Rostoucí nároky na kabeláže, nutí uživatele zvažovat implemetaci inteligentního managementu (AIM). Ten se tak stává součástí technických norem.

Funkční řešení pro neustále se zvyšující množství dat v rámci optických sítí v datových centrech.

Migrace z 400G na 800G nebo až na 1.6T...nejen nové konektory SN, CS a větší hustota portů bude realitou?
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